Our Philosophy and Approach

Legends provides a club lacrosse option for talented and passionate players so they can participate in a community-based program and play with their friends and classmates.

We offer resources that are equal to or better than local and national club organizations at a much more reasonable cost, by leveraging our access to Baltimore County Recreation and Parks fields, including lighted turf fields.  We also are non-profit and re-invest every dollar into our program.

In addition, we want our players to be afforded the opportunity to play at a high level while still being able to participate in other sports.  While we offer year round training and development opportunities, we want our kids to develop as athletes first and then Lacrosse players.  Our players have the freedom to continue to play and enjoy football, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, rugby and other sports, all of which serve to foster competitive spirit and well-rounded athletes.

We are committed to having the best coaches that put player development first.  USA Lacrosse Certified Coaches that are invested in the game, your kids and our community.

Finally, we work to educate and provide parents with perspective as they sift through the many options for club lacrosse for their kids while dispelling the notion that private club teams are the only option.  Click here to read an article that every Lacrosse Parent should know by USA Lacrosse.

For those players who are not selected for the Legends Club team, they will be welcome to play for our Rec teams which offer opportunities to play based on age and ability.

Yes, why would you go anywhere else!

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Legends Lacrosse Club

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